Hello, Huma!

Su Lee
Brand Curator @Human Managed
February 14, 2022

How many emojis do you use when you text or when you are on social media? According to World Economic Forum, on average, people use 5 billion emojis daily, which shows how Emojis have become a huge part of our lives. They are fun and crucial ways to communicate and express ourselves.

Introducing Huma

Today, I am  thrilled to introduce to you our Human Managed emojis called "Huma." Huma is a play on words: Humans and Machines. Initially, these were built for logo symbols, not for emojis. So I deconstructed the letters and glyphs from our responsive logo, "h>m_," which made human faces. Based on this, I've found the potential development of our emojis. So I set "h>m" as a base, started doodling, adding more emotions, and applying our brand's green color. After some trials and errors, we finally welcomed "Huma" as our brand mascot.

Early drafts

Huma in our 2021 calendar
Huma Stickers

Our chat with Huma

The power of Huma

There was no big picture when I started creating our own HM emojis. We are a team that collaborates in different locations, and I wanted Huma to serve as a link that connects and brings the team closer. 

Since the launch, I've seen Huma become a part of the interaction within the team chat. Adding a touch of Humait even made presentations more fun and enjoyable. Not to mention, we get to welcome our new employees with Huma merch! We also introduced Huma in our chatbot and some marketing pages for a friendly user experience. So far, we have been receiving positive feedback from the team and the users both digitally and physically.

Huma in our marketing site
Huma chatbot

Emojis can be small cute icons that you use to respond to your friend's texts or express yourself. We see it as a way to create a whole different experience for Human Managed. Although Huma initially started small to enable fun chats for the team, it now became a crucial part of our identity and culture. It also allows us to connect with each other, our customers, and partners in unique ways. Huma will also continue to grow and develop along with Human Managed - which is the most exciting part. I hope you all enjoy Huma emojis as much as we do, and I am looking forward to seeing more people interacting with Huma and having a unique HM experience in the future.


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