We nurture >unorthodox thinking_

We encourage >experimentation_

We tolerate >mistakes_

We are >fresh_

We embrace >diverse perspectives_

We break down >silos_

We evolve >by sharing_

We are >open_

We build >digital ecosystems_

We improve >analogue experiences_

We exist in >spaces and places_

We are >present_

We are a Solve-It-Yourself company.

At Human Managed, we push boundaries every day to find answers through collective intelligence. We do this by solving every problem through a creative process.

When is the last time you did something creative to solve problems for your colleagues, customers or communities?

We don't necessarily mean original creation never seen before. We mean taking an idea or existing work, putting your own spin on it or combining it with something else to repurpose, transform, or scale it to benefit others.

This could be curating opensource toolsets and automating workflows to serve not just one customer use case, but hundreds.

Or taking inspiration from ecommerce websites and analog retail experiences to design an interactive portal.

Or studying children's books to inform foundations of conversational AI.

We don't provide predefined roles, pathways or KPIs. What we do provide are the tools and the environment in which people with the drive can experiment, make mistakes, and collaborate to solve important problems. If you are a creative builder, operator, auditor or thinker who wants to push boundaries every single day, we want to hear from you.

Humans Needed

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Blue Team Analyst (Cybersecurity)

Singapore / Manila

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Site Reliability Engineer

Singapore / Manila

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Does the shoe fit?

Ask yourself these three questions:
1. Do you find yourself work dreaming in the office?
2. Are you curious of the what-ifs and the possibilities?
3. Are you a builder, operator, auditor, thinker; or are you a bit of everything?

Then drop us a line at hello@humanmanaged.com and get in touch. Discover more on our work and interest areas in our blogs.

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