A blog of thoughts, experiences and learnings from our journey at Human Managed. This is our creative and open thinking space.

We will share how we create value for our customers, partners and the wider community, in our own Fresh, Open & Present way.

We will also share how we are building our platform, as well as why we are designing things a certain way. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our thoughts ;)

Human Thoughts
The Significance of the Hexagon

Peter Koh

Resident Dreamer @Human Managed

At its core, we all know what a hexagon is - a polygon that has 6 sides. But there's far more beneath the surface, overlapping various fields and ...

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Machine Stories
Machine stories

Saleem Javed

Troublesolver @ Human Managed

Machine stories are about machines. Period. No drama, suspense or fantasy — just plain simple machines, and how they work. To get this started, the simple machine that humans think of...

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Human Thoughts
From Zero to Tech: An Applied Linguist’s Journey to Conversational AI

Clarisse Ilustre Medallo

Conversation Designer @ Human Managed

It’s been almost a year since I joined Human Managed, and so I wanted to celebrate this milestone by writing about how I got acquainted with, and later on became deeply immersed in Conversational AI...

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Human Thoughts
The Human Managed Culture

Phil McManus

Trailblazer @ Human Managed

The greatest innovations, inventions, and ideas in the past 20 years are not the result of one or two great minds, but the collective potential and creativity in every person with the drive to pursue their dreams. We truly believe in this, and that's why we built it into the vision of our company...

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