our purpose

To empower responsible decision making​

Businesses of all sizes control threats, scale opportunities, and manage risk with the Human Managed data platform. ​​This is our story. ​

finding answer through collective intelligence

our story

Human Managed was created from a collection of Whys and Why Nots.

Why is something essential not accessible to all?​
Intelligence is essential for any kind of progress.​ And yet, it’s so hard to get. ​Available to those with wide network and deep pockets,​Reserved for exclusives. ​ ​
Why can’t something essential also be exceptional? ​​
Intelligence makes or breaks good decisions. ​And yet, it’s so unexceptionally done. ​Left to an army of tools and experts, ​Hoping for results. ​ ​
Asking Why and Why Not from Day 1 helped us change something that seemed immovable at first: our mindset.
After that, deconstructing and reconstructing industry standards and status quo were not so hard anymore. ​​
Can something as essential as intelligence be both accessible and exceptional?
We answer:
Why not?