We are Human Managed

Human Managed is where humans and machines come together to think. It's a space where questions are broken down, problems are reframed and creative answers are found.

Our Story

We started Human Managed because we saw people and organisations with access to so much data still struggling to ask the right questions and make good decisions in a chaotic and unpredictable world.

We knew that AI could help answer many questions, from growing a business’ top line to protecting its bottom line, but it needed to exist in the context of the human element in decision making.  So we created the basis for what we call collective intelligence; the combination of human values and machine intelligence.

intelligence driven, always learning.
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What makes a good decision?

A good decision is deliberate, thoughtful, time-sensitive. A good decision leads to positive outcomes. A good decision is something you would make again.  A good decision is complex.

As humans, we are all familiar with that feeling of wishing we had approached a situation differently or had considered another angle.  This happens with business decisions, too. It's no wonder, because look at the digital world around us: consumer demands are changing and cybersecurity threat actors are getting savvier by the second.

Human Managed is a collective intelligence platform that reframes problems to make better decisions. We will show you the bigger picture so you can make decisions with clarity, confidence and bold creativity.

We believe real progress and positive transformations happen when good decisions are made consistently.  Join us in our mission to continually push boundaries and to find answers through collective intelligence.

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