for distributed operations

Our modular data platform components are orchestrated on-demand to ensure personalized outputs.

input > process > output_

The Human Managed platform is a collection of 14 functions and 92 microservices. They are abstracted into stacks that execute distributed operational processes.

Provision infra and app on demand

The microservices that enable all other functions to run on-demand. They build and destroy infrastructure and apps through containerization, and self-provision changes.

Connect any data on demand

The microservices that make us data-agnostic and tool-agnostic. They collect and receive your data to prepare it for analysis, no matter its form, size, and location.

Analyze data on demand

The microservices that execute your use cases. They combine contexts, workflows, and models against your dataset to generate IDEAs.

Present use cases on demand

The microservices that serve prepared analysis. They transform and present information you can consume and explore via app or API.  

Orchestrate outputs on demand

The microservices that wrap it all up with personalized service. They deliver IDEAs through reports, notifications, and dispatches to any human or machine in any sequence.